Mother and Pups, 2017
600 x 750mm oil paint and synthetic polymer on linen
Private collection, Melbourne

Welcome, this site documents paintings and graphic design by Peter Thorn,
visual artist and designer based in Sydney Australia.

Paintings in private collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Stockholm

I continue to experiment with the way conflicted elements might be employed in art making to express notions of harmony and beauty.

I am currently making paintings that explore the idea that for a predominantly urban population, the countryside is commonly experienced first-hand through the window of a moving motor vehicle.

The road acts as a filter, determining our access to the experience of the landscape, the windscreen a cinematic frame. Physical structures dissolve as motion distorts the perception of form and colour. This destablisation multiplies the opportunity to intervene in the way the landscape is recalled as an artwork.

Yet for all the apparent preocupation with speed and multiplicity these works project the slow intimate pace of contemplation.

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