Peter Thorn Paintings and Drawings 2004-2009
At The Vanishing Point gallery
King Street, Newtown, Sydney, Australia
18 February – 7 March 2010

This exhibition comprised over 50 paintings and drawings.

Installation views with (lower left) Ken, Christina and my son Alex; (lower right) my friend Ken Gormley, guitarist with iconic Aussie rock band The Cruel Sea, provided some sweet sounds for the opening.

Gallery Press Release
Peter Thorn's paintings and drawings explore the threshold between abstraction and representation; much like a musician pulls the string of an instrument, not to leave it on one side or the other, but to make it reverberate between the two.

In a predominantly abstract series of carefully crafted choral forms with a glazed substantial quality, Thorn teases the limits of his abstractions, and in doing so tempts the eye to remain in the abstract while taunting the mind to recognize meaning and form. Thorn emphatically stages the argument or conflict that occurs in front of any painting, no matter the genre, whether realist or abstract – in which the eye seeks to see and the mind seeks to read.

Two simultaneous activities converge to both compliment and compete in the single movement of perception. Thorn's artworks remark on the partisanship that dominated modern art history, as one faction or the other has endeavoured to totalise their position through the diminution of the other. Thorn implies that it's the intersection between the two that we enjoy, and not the either/or of it.

Peter Thorn is a mid-career artist living and working in Newtown. Paintings and Drawings 2004-2009 represents a survey of Thorn's work over the past half-decade.

© Alex Wisser/ATVP February 2010
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