This section contains examples of juvenilia, art school work and beginings as an art practitioner.

Still Life, 1974, oil on paper 500mm x 360mm

Here I am coming to grips with Cubist simultaneity, ie the facility of representing the same object from
different viewpoints at the same time. Here with side-on and overhead views of a bowl of fruit.

Still Life, 1976, oil and acrylic on unstretched linen canvas 740mm x 610mm

Seated Woman, 1976, oil and enamel on unstretched canvas 2000mm x 2000mm

Here I am influenced by de Kooning and Frankenthaler with some Pollock thrown in,
particularly exploring the performative aspect of painting. The subject is seated with her legs crossed smoking a cigarette! The painting has been folded up in a bag for nearly 40 years
and I'm having trouble getting the creases out (...).
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